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Relentless : The Power You Need To Never Give Up


What if disappointments, failures, heartaches-all the inevitable hardships of life-are seen for what they truly are: opportunities to overcome and rule over circumstances through relentless faith in God’s goodness and power?

Christians were never meant to “just get by.” You were created to rise above adversity and display greatness! In this compelling book, best-selling author John Bevere explores what it takes to finish well. More than a strategy for survival, Relentless offers you a fresh new mind-set, one that enthusiastically declares with the apostle Paul, “I delight in difficulties.” Its biblically grounded truths will equip you to flourish in every season of life.

“God doesn’t author hardship but uses it to strengthen us for greater conquests. He never leads us into a storm that He doesn’t give us the power to overcome.” -John Bevere, Relentless

You already have what it takes to finish well!

Join the Relentless experience!

Questions for reflection and discussion included!

Re*lent*less (ri lent/lis): an attitude or posture that is resolute, uncompromising, persistent, unyielding, constant, unstoppable, ruthless. The opposite of slacken, waver, or concede.

If ever there was a need for followers of Jesus to be resolute in purpose, uncompromising for truth, persistent in faith, unyielding in hope, constant in love, and unstoppable in advancing the kingdom…it’s now! God is ruthless in His love and pursuit of us; it’s time for His Bride to reflect the same passion.

John Bevere explores how people of Bible times and today became relentless: John the Baptist spent years living in a barren desert. Jesus endured hardship in a desolate wilderness of temptation. Both men emerged strong in the “power of the Spirit,” relentless in not just getting through challenges but in ruling over their circumstances. Ultimately, they succeeded in their God-given life mission.

In Relentless, you’ll learn how even seemingly impossible situations were never meant to stop you but to propel you forward in your journey. Discover in these biblically grounded truths how you can thrive no matter what your season of life.

How you begin is not nearly as important as how you finish. Embrace your trials and become relentless!

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SKU (ISBN): 9780307457769
ISBN10: 0307457761
John Bevere
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: December 2012
Publisher: WaterBrook


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