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  • His Grace Is Enough Prayer Cards In Tin 2 Corinthians 12:9


    Practice the discipline of prayer when you cycle through the prayers in the His Grace is Enough Prayer Card Tin. These prayers are handy guides to teach how to pray when you find yourself without words.

    A metal tin is decorated with ripe purple olives on green-leaved branches and a laser engraved brass outlined shadow design. The purple lid is embellished with the sentiment adapted from 2 Corinthians 12:9.

    His grace is enough
    A brass cardholder holds the prayer tins label.
    My Prayer Cards

    Inside the tin are 50 double-sided cards. Each card’s front is decorated with the same olive branch design and holds well-known prayers from the Bible. The back of each card is lined with space for you to craft your own prayer.

    The compact design of the tin allows for easy transportation: Pop it in a purse, or set it on a desk or counter at work or home. Keep a tin on your kitchen counter for morning prayers, or on the dining room table for after-dinner family prayer.

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  • 88 Great Conversation Starters For Engaged Couples


    The 88 Great Conversation Starters for Engaged Couples Cards in a Tin is a fun and interactive way to discover the hopes and dreams your fianc has for your relationship, your family, and your future.

    The tin’s body is covered with a tone-on-tone gold leaf design, and it is topped with a tightfitting maroon-colored lid. The lid holds the title in a white frame outlined in gold foil, surrounded by a pink floral decorative border. The title is presented in black embossed and gold foiled lettering.

    88 Great Conversation Starters for Engaged Couples

    Inside the tin are 44 double-sided cards, each offering a topic for the couple to discuss. Topics include describing an ideal holiday, owning pets, number of children, intimacy, faith, and much more. Remember, these cards are not the beginning and end of the conversation; they are just the prompt to get you to probe deeper and grow in your understanding of the mate you have chosen to marry.

    The sturdy tin keeps all the cards safely in one place and fits perfectly tucked away in a bag or sitting on a coffee table.

    This card set would be the perfect gift for a close friend who is newly engaged. The 88 Great Conversation Starters for Engaged Couples Cards in a Tin is sure to foster meaningful conversation and help the happy couple grow in their relationship.

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