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  • Rest For Your Soul Devotional Adult Coloring Book


    A devotional coloring book focused on helping readers find rest in God.

    This devotional coloring book invites readers to indulge their creativity as they meditate on comforting excerpts from God’s Word, discovering anew the peace that He desires to
    give them. As they take time out of their day to reflect and color each beautiful illustration, they’ll be reminded to lay their burdens down and relinquish control to their compassionate Creator, who delights in their creative gifts and is always working toward their good.

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  • Praying Through The Names Of The Holy Spirit


    Accessing the Power of the Holy Spirit–In Us, Through Us, and for Us

    Many believers long for a clearer understanding of the Holy Spirit and the role He plays in our lives. When you pray through the Spirit’s names, you’ll discover that not only is He real, but He is also ready to minister to you in many meaningful ways.

    In this powerful collection of 60 devotional prayers, Dr. Tony Evans helps transform your prayer life by acquainting you with many of the Spirit’s unique identities. Helper, Intercessor, Living Water–each name or work of the Spirit inspires a unique prayer that invites you into a deeper connection with and dependence upon Him.

    When we come to know the Spirit and what He does for us, we can better comprehend the myriad ways God reveals Himself to us. Whether you read out loud or silently, these heartfelt prayers will help you abide in the Holy Spirit’s character as you grow in intimacy with God.

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  • Marriage Devotional : 52 Days To Strengthen The Soul Of Your Marriage


    Now available in trade paper!

    Great marriages are made, not born. In this devotional, Levi and Jennie Lusko take turns showcasing the highs and lows of marital relationships and how God uses them to foster a deeper love and a more solid foundation.

    God wants you to have a strong, thriving, and fun marriage. Even in the midst of mortgage payments, emotional baggage, drama, mistakes, and a whole lot of laundry, your marriage can not only survive, but be sweet, steady, and strong.

    Wherever you are right now, God wants to use your marriage to grow you in strength, kindness, tenderness, joy, and leave a legacy that will change the world.

    In these 52 devotions, Levi and Jennie will point you to God’s word and help you experience a depth and beauty you may have never thought possible. Whether your marriage needs fine tuning, or to be torn back to the studs and be rebuilt, this devotional will help you:

    *Unlock new joy and vibrancy by recognizing there is better beyond the honeymoon phase
    *Uncomplicate conflict as you learn to fight fairly as members on the same team
    *Access Godly wisdom by engaging and staying steady when your marriage doesn’t look the way you thought it would

    This unique devotional is power packed with questions to answer and discuss. You’ll find short prayers to pray over your spouse and a checklist of fun, thoughtful activities to do throughout the week.

    Perfect for newlyweds and even seasoned married couples, this devotional journey will be the encouragement your marriage–not just any marriage–needs to flourish.

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  • Prayer Journal For Moms


    A devotional journal to encourage moms and help them regularly pray for their children.

    Motherhood is a vocation that goes without applause or acclaim, and learning to have confidence in one’s abilities as a mother is a skill that takes many years. Feedback is more often in the form of tantrums than praise, and a child’s personal growth?is rife with ups and downs. This journal is designed to encourage mothers through the daily challenges they face, with devotions that root them in the ever-giving love of God and remind them where their strength lies. It’s filled with prompts that make it easier to faithfully pray for their children each day, and it inspires them to continue taking that step, providing perspective on how effective those prayers can be.

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  • Bedtime Family Devotional


    Connect with God as a family in just a few minutes each night

    You love your children and want to pass your faith on to them, but in the busy activity of daily life, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    This helpful, hopeful family resource is exactly what you need to strengthen your faith as a family. It includes 90 days of biblically grounded devotions, prayers, and action steps.
    Organized into three sections, this devotional helps parents answer three important questions: What do I want my child to know? What do I want my child to be? What do I want my child to do? As you walk through these pages together at the end of each day, you will not only instill God’s Word in your children’s hearts, but you will equip them to:

    *understand basic theology
    *develop Christlike character and virtue
    *discover their unique God-given gifts
    *live as confident witnesses in the world

    Before your children’s heads hit the pillow, let Jesus be the last thing on their minds.

    Great for families with kids ages 6 to 12

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  • Resting In Jesus


    A 30-day devotional on the art of letting go of daily chaos to find perfect peace in Christ.

    When our phones are pinging, children are crying, emails are pouring in, and the refrigerator is empty, finding time to rest in Jesus can seem like a near impossible task. If we aren’t being productive, we feel like missing out and falling behind. But Christ invites us to sit at His feet, especially in the midst of our daily chaos. The example of Mary and Martha offers us a picture of how God understands not only what we’re going through, but where our priorities really need to be. Resting in Christ is not a luxury, it’s a necessity… and it informs everything else that we do. This devotional will guide readers in the journey to discovering the art of being still before God – and releasing their cares to the One who cares for them.

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  • True Sweetness : Growing In The Fruit Of The Spirit


    A devotional that showcases the power of God’s Spirit within us.

    From a day-to-day perspective, it can be difficult to see how God is at work in our lives. Through stories and uplifting quotes, this devotional reveals how the Holy Spirit changes us and brings forth fruit that gives life -?the virtues of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. New experiences, challenges, and even the smallest decisions reveal the state of our hearts. If we pay attention, we can see how far we come, and where we’re still hindered. This book will help readers learn to identify how the Spirit is at work, inspiring them to dig their roots down further so that they can experience greater richness in Christ (and share it with others)!

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  • Losing A Loved One


    Begin a journey of healing as you meditate on the devotions of the Losing a Loved One Black Hardcover Devotional. This devotional will nurture your soul, and its thoughtful prompts will allow you to express your emotions and work through your grief and pain.

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  • Mini Devotions Living A Life Of Prayer


    Deepen your connection with God as you engage with the prayers in the Living A Life of Prayer Mini Devotional. In this devotional, beloved author E.M. Bounds shows us how to have ongoing conversations with God throughout the day, sharing our cares and concerns and discovering the blessings that come from a life of prayer.

    An intricate orange frame adorns the charcoal gray cover of the mini devotional. The title is set in the middle of the frame and is printed in gold and white.

    Living a Life of Prayer

    The presentation at the front of the devotional features the same cover design but has additional space for a message and names. The interior of the book is printed in a gray, easy-to-read font.

    This mini devotional offers 180 practical devotions on prayer to help you grow in intimacy with God. Each entry includes a title, a Scripture verse, a short devotional, and a prayer.
    Topics include praising God, thanksgiving, and more.

    E.M. Bounds, born in 1835 and passing away in 1913, was a pastor who preached revival and restoration to both civilians and soldiers during the American Civil War. For the final 17 years of his life, he dedicated his time to writing devotional works centered on the theme of prayer. To Bounds, prayer was as essential to the Christian’s life as physical breath.

    Use the compact Living A Life of Prayer Mini Devotional as an outreach tool for students, or consider adding a copy to your children’s and grandchildren’s Christmas stockings to inspire and nurture their prayer life.

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  • Mini Devotions Meaningful Moments With God


    Take time to reflect on God’s goodness when you read the devotions in the Meaningful Moments with God Mini Devotional and experience the blessing of time spent in His presence.

    The teal cover of the mini devotional is decorated with luscious red and orange flowers. The title is presented in the middle of the front cover in white lettering.

    Meaningful Moments with God

    The interior of the book is printed in a dusty teal font. A presentation page at the front can be personalized when the mini devotional is given as a gift. This page features teal floral corner designs that are repeated on the interior pages.

    With 180 short and insightful devotions that invite you to grab a cup and settle in to spend some quiet time with God, this little devotional will become your go-to morning devo. Topics include God’s love for you, His endless grace, and much more.

    The Meaningful Moments with God Mini Devotional is small enough to fit in a handbag or backpack and makes an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas. Give the Meaningful Moments with God Mini Devotional to the women in your small group or Bible study as an economical Christmas gift.

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  • Legacy Of Leaders


    The Legacy of Leaders Gray Faux Leather Devotional highlights the stories of 40 heroes in the Bible. The devotional will reveal that God did not choose superheroes. Instead, He used broken men the world often ignored and overlooked.

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  • Mini Devotions Knowing God For Kids


    In the Knowing God for Kids Mini Devotions, your children will discover that even in the face of life’s challenges, the difficulty of making friends, and the struggle to achieve good grades, they are never alone. God is with them every step of the way.

    The chalkboard black cover of the devotional is filled with bright teal, red, and orange swirls and letters that make up the title.

    Knowing God for Kids

    The book’s inside is printed in teal text, and teal decorative banners adorn the top of each page. Additionally, the presentation page in the front of the devotional also incorporates these design elements but includes extra space for a personal messages and names.

    This mini devotional offers 180 devotions that will help your children get to know God better and experience His strength and courage as they seek His help and guidance each day. Each daily entry has a title, Scripture verse, and devotional passage that is followed by a challenge point that will challenge children to engage with faith.

    Carolyn Larsen is a prolific and best-selling author and an experienced speaker with a God-given passion for ministering to women and children. She has spoken at conferences and retreats around the United States, Canada, and India. Carolyn has written over 50 books for children and adults. Her writing has won various rewards. Carolyn lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Eric. They have three children and are proud grandparents.

    Add the Knowing God for Kids Mini Devotions to the stocking stuffers of all your grandchildren this Christmas. The volume is compact enough to fit in a backpack or locker so that they can take it anywhere.

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  • Daily 5 Minute Bible Study For Men


    Develop a Habit of Daily Bible Study, Even on Your Busiest Days!

    Do you find it hard to make time for Bible study? You intend to do it, but before you know it, another week has passed and you haven’t picked up God’s Word. This book provides simple tools for you to open the Bible every day and dig into God’s Word–even if you only have five minutes!

    *Minutes 1-2: Read a few verses pulled from a lengthier passage. If time allows, read the full passage listed for you in each Bible study.

    *Minute 3: Understand. Ponder thoughtful questions designed to help you apply the verses from the Bible to your own life. Consider these throughout your day as well.

    *Minute 4: Apply. Read a brief devotion based on the scripture you read. Think about what you are learning and how you can apply the scriptural truths to your own life.

    *Minute 5: Pray. A prayer starter will help you to begin a time of conversation with God.

    The Daily 5-Minute Bible Study for Men will help you establish the discipline of consistent study of God’s Word. You will find that even five minutes focused on scripture and prayer has the power to make a huge difference in your daily life. Soon you will be making time for more!

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  • Praying Through Infertility


    Weary of the long path to become a parent? Whether you or a family member is battling infertility, this trusted, encouraging 90-day devotional will comfort and strengthen you.

    Written by men and women who have faced infertility themselves with various outcomes, this book reminds you that you are not alone and will help set your heart free from fear.

    Compiled by acclaimed writer, speaker, and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey, Praying Through Infertility is written to let you know that you are:

    *Not alone in your sadness, anger, or confusion
    *Not alone when you feel jealous of parents who have what you want
    *Not alone when a giggling child brings not delight but grief
    *Not alone in wondering who you’ll be if you never become a mom or dad

    Praying Through Infertility doesn’t offer advice on treatments or give spiritual formulas for miracle conceptions. Instead, it offers an empathetic and hopeful accompaniment through the long dark night you are walking through.

    Each daily devotional includes:

    *Scripture verse and prayer

    *Inspirational story where fears and anger are transformed into confident expectation and pure worship

    *Intentional tip of the day to help you personally encounter God

    *Prayer references for encouragement

    Some of the contributors have been blessed with biological children, some have formed families through fostering or adoption, others are walking forward childless, and a few are still on the path. They have experienced many of the medical options available, from IVF to donor eggs and sperm. What they share is an experience of infertility’s dark depths, and a faith that’s held strong through the testing.

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  • Letters To Grief


    Grief and loss touch each of us in a unique way. In the Letters to Grief Gray Faux Leather Gift Book, Kate Motaung draws upon her own experience with grief to offer readers encouragement and hope.

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  • Pursuing God : 366 Daily Devotions


    The Pursuing God Saddle Tan Faux Leather Devotional is a compilation of 366 daily readings from the heart and mind of Dr. A.W. Tozer. The selections have been gleaned from his taped sermons, with additional excerpts from his published books and his incisive editorials. His helpful personal illustrations, testimonies, and spiritual concerns have been scattered throughout these pages, all glorifying the Person of Jesus Christ, our Savior and LORD. In this collection, Tozer calls readers to reflect on God’s Word, consider who God is, and turn to Him in prayer.

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  • Devocionales De 3 Minutos Para – (Spanish)


    Take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and make a meaningful connection with your heavenly Father with these 3-minute readings designed just for you! This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens readings designed to meet you right where you are in life.

    *Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection;
    *Minute 2: read through a devotional created just for you;
    *Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God.

    In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to beautiful blessings!

    Tienes 3 minutos, chica?

    Dedica unos momentos del dia para calmar tu espiritu, pensar en el asombroso amor de Dios por ti y establecer una conexion valiosa con tu Padre celestial con estas lecturas de 3 minutos diseadas solo para ti. Este encantador devocional contiene una poderosa dosis de consuelo, animo e inspiracion en lecturas con la extension adecuada para tu joven corazon.

    *Minuto 1: medita sobre un texto biblico;
    *Minuto 2: lee un devocional creado para nias de 8 a 12 aos;
    *Minuto 3: lee una oracion diseada para ayudar a iniciar una conversacion con Dios.

    !En solo 3 minutos, emprenderas tu camino hacia hermosas bendiciones!

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  • Bible Recap Kids Devotional


    A Fun Way to Help Children Read, Understand, and Love the Entire Bible.

    Reading Scripture can be exciting and engaging for kids and adults alike! A great place to start is with The Bible Recap Kids’ Devotional, which follows the 365-day chronological reading plan of The Bible Recap book and podcast.

    Designed for children ages 6 and up, this interactive devotional is their personal tour guide, pointing out key verses and important, fascinating things to learn about God–from Genesis through Revelation. Along the way, your child will also enjoy word puzzles, coloring pages, and other fun activities that reinforce essential truths and facts.

    You don’t have to be an expert to give your children a solid biblical foundation. Whether they read through this devotional on their own or you enjoy it as a family, being in God’s Word is transformational because He’s where the joy is!

    Use with Any Print or Audio Bible

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  • Apples Of Gold


    Being a good leader isn’t easy. It requires courage, humility, integrity, and compassion. Jesus spoke of true leadership as having the ability to be a remarkable servant. To be a successful leader, you must determine to follow the example of Christ no matter how difficult. There will be a cost. You may be scrutinized, wrongly accused, and pushed toward exhaustion, but take heart; there is a reward waiting for you if you do not give up. And it will be worth it.

    Apples of Gold is a daily devotional for leaders like you. As you read these inspiring meditations, Scriptures, and prayers, be encouraged that God is for you, and he will give you everything you need to face the challenges you encounter each day. Rest for a moment in his presence and let his grace and peace wash over you. Out of the abundance of his love and wisdom, you will find the strength to persevere in your service to others.


    *High-grade faux leather provides durability and exquisite tactile appeal.

    *Heat debossing on faux leather darkens its color, giving the cover a two-tone appearance and creating indentation which shows off the intricate design and varied texture.

    *Metallic and matte foil finishing touches are elegantly placed to enhance certain features, capturing attention and adding class for an aesthetic appeal.

    *Sturdy Smyth-sewn binding stitches book signatures together creating durability and allowing pages to lay flat when open. Decorative head and foot bands are also added to further complement the overall design.

    *Matte art high quality paper with a smooth satin touch provides long-lasting vivid coloration and durability.

    *A beautiful satin ribbon marker conveniently keeps your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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  • Breathing Through Grief


    Reflect on your unique path through grief with this guided journal, featuring compassionate resources, short devotionals, and heartfelt essays from the perspective of a woman who has walked her own journey of loss.

    After the sudden loss of her husband, Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young felt lost in her grief. With Breathing Through Grief, she provides a comforting, giftable resource for those who are processing their own loss, whether of a loved one, a season of life, or a dream. In addition to the twenty-five short devotionals that each focus on a different aspect of grief from Dorina’s personal experience, the journal includes special resources such as breathing exercises, reflection questions, soul care tips, ample writing space, advice on how to talk to children about death, suggestions on how to approach triggers, and creative ways to honor a loved one’s memory.

    If you or someone close to you is walking through loss?, let the comforting words in Breathing Through Grief encourage you with the knowledge that you are not alone and bring you a semblance of peace as you continue forward on the road to healing.

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  • Savor : A 365-Day Devotional For Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Ar


    Reflect, pray, and cook with New York Times bestselling author Shauna Niequist. Savor is a 365-day devotional that helps you soak up the goodness all around you, be aware of holy fingerprints everywhere, and walk through each day cherishing those glints of the divine in the daily. Come and pause in these pages, day by day, and attune your senses to the fullness and presence of God all day long–whether that’s a hug, a tomato sandwich, a quiet moment, or a text from a loved one. Savor teaches:

    *To savor each day, whatever it holds–work and play, meals and prayers, the good stuff and the hard stuff

    *Life is all about relationships, and your daily relationship with God is worth savoring in every moment

    *Recipes from Shauna’s kitchen to enjoy around a table with your community

    Inside you’ll find:

    *21 delicious recipes, from summer salads to French toast to fondue

    *365 devotions–each devotion includes a short Bible passage, an insightful story from Shauna, and a thoughtful prompt to help you live out your faith

    *A ribbon marker to help you keep your place

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  • Tiny Truths Little Lights Devotional


    The Tiny Truth Little Lights Devotional is a collection of more than 60 accessible, Scripture-based reflections and prayers reminding children they are the lights in God’s world. Deepen your child’s faith through fun-to-read devotions that remind kids of God’s deep love and inspire them to let God’s light shine in ways both big and small.

    This fun and engaging devotional contains stories and short reflections about loving God and our neighbors, forgiveness, right and wrong, finding joy in sadness, how to be grateful, and many more child-friendly themes!

    Tiny Truths Little Lights Devotional:

    *Includes more than 60 devotions speaking directly to children ages 4-8

    *Features Scripture verses highlighting God’s light in the world

    *Contains illustrations celebrating diversity in our world

    *Can be a companion to The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible and Tiny Truths Wonder and Wisdom

    *Is perfect for starting your day, family dinnertime, bedtime reflections, or making a quiet moment in a busy day

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  • Pursuing the Heart of God – A Ninety-Day Journey : Laying Hold Of God’s Call On Your Life


    We live in a world that is loud – so loud that it is hard to hear Jesus speak. But if we are Jesus followers, taking time daily to listen to Him in the midst of all the noise is our lifeblood.

    This devotional has three goals in mind: helping us embrace the kingdom of God, deepening our journeys with Jesus, and strengthening us to engage in prayer and spiritual warfare. If we are going to make an impact for Jesus in this world, we need to understand and embrace kingdom values. Then we need to be firmly planted in God in the chaos of our world so we can be a shelter for others who are lost. Finally, we must not give way to fear but rather exercise the authority of the Father in prayer and warfare so that we can build His kingdom in people’s lives.

    Jesus has not called us to live easy lives. He wants us to be strong in Him, firmly planted in His Word, and empowered by His Spirit, so that we can participate with Him in building His kingdom. As we become kingdom people, God will grow us into mighty men and women of God, and He will touch others’ lives through us in ways that will amaze us, bless the world, and glorify God.

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  • Our Daily Bread For Kids


    In 365 devotions from Genesis to Revelation, kids ages 6 to 10 will find Jesus throughout the Bible-from His role at creation, to Old Testament prophecies and metaphors about the coming Savior, to the birth of God’s Son. With the help of diverse illustrations, prayer prompts, easy-to-understand Scripture verses, and fun facts, kids will see the entire Bible as one big story of God’s redemptive plan for the world, and  learn that God’s plan includes them!

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  • Managing Your Emotions


    Learn to rule your emotions before they rule you with #1 New York Times bestselling author and renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer.

    The highs and lows of life bring many challenges, and our feelings want to swing accordingly, like an emotional roller coaster taking us from one extreme to another throughout the day – if we let them. Our emotions serve a purpose, but if we allow them to dictate how we choose to act, we lose our peace and stability, which only leads to confusion, anxiety, anger, and a host of other unhealthy attitudes. It’s a dangerous way to live and can cause us to make bad decisions that impact ourselves and others.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Bible contains wisdom to help you learn to manage your emotions each day, no matter what challenges life brings your way. And with this 90-day devotional, you’ll discover how to take charge of those fickle feelings before they take charge of you!

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  • Youre Not Finished Yet


    Are you facing a difficult season? Do your prayers feel unanswered? The middle of any endeavor–career, relationships, ministry, health–is often when our perseverance waivers, when peace seems out of reach, when the future feels uncertain. It’s when life really gets hard.

    In this empowering devotional, bestselling author, human rights activist, and international speaker Christine Caine reminds you that you can go the distance–not because you have the strength but because God does. As Christine shares stories from her ministry experience, her personal life, her walk with Jesus, and her hikes through the mountains of Southern California, Christine offers Scripture and spiritual reflections to help you:

    *Intentionally journey with Jesus even when you feel discouraged
    *Rely on God’s strength in seasons of waiting
    *Keep praying, seeking, walking with Jesus every day
    *Focus your mind on spiritual practices that bring peace

    Each of the 100 devotions includes a scripture, a devotion entry, and a takeaway for the reader.

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  • JESUS : A Scandalously Devoted, Conspicuously Uncool, Super-Transparent Hom


    Valley or mountain top, do you ever wonder what “walking with Jesus” actually means in everyday life? Unfortunately, thinkers like A.W. Tozer are right when saying, “For millions of Christians, God is no more real than He is to non-Christians. They go through life trying to love an ideal and be loyal to a mere principle.” The good news for us is that Jesus is not a proposition to be studied, He’s a divine Person with whom we get to engage! Instead of simply obtaining more spiritual information about our Savior, sometimes we just need to remember what a miracle it is to be invited to get to know Him personally.

    In her much-anticipated follow-up to her bestselling devotional LIFE, and in her beloved, humorous, and relatable voice, Bible teacher and author Lisa Harper helps you do just that: engage with JESUS personally. As you open each page, prepare yourself for a devotional journey of unapologetically gawking at, reveling in, walking with, and worshipping our incredible Savior–and laughing a lot along the way. Because there’s nothing like real relationship with Him in the ups and downs of life!

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  • Lo Vas A Lograr – (Spanish)


    Incorpora un nuevo ritmo para los dias en que la vida te parece demasiado dura mediante la practica diaria de recibir y soltar: recibir el aliento, la instruccion y la verdad de Dios para empezar el dia y soltar a Dios todo lo que te agobia al final de cada jornada. El te pondra en el camino de la curacion.

    En su nuevo devocional, la autora best seller del New York Times, Lysa TerKeurst, te ayuda a permanecer conectada con Dios y a seguir amando a los demas incluso en medio de circunstancias desalentadoras, decepcionantes o incluso devastadoras. Experimenta 50 dias de devocionales matutinos y vespertinos complementados con hermosas fotografias en color de lugares significativos en los que Lysa ha trabajado a traves de su propia sanacion. Cada devocion contiene:

    *un versiculo biblico para empezar el dia
    *una declaracion de verdad para recordar a lo largo del dia
    *un espacio para escribir y devolver algo a Dios al final del dia
    *una oracion que debes recibir antes de irte a dormir para prepararte mejor para maana

    Sin estos componentes cruciales entretejidos en la rutina de nuestras temporadas mas duras, conectar con el Seor puede empezar muy pronto a sentirse abrumador y como un elemento mas de nuestras listas de tareas pendientes. Lysa comprende esta lucha y quiere crear un espacio sagrado donde las mujeres puedan cerrar sus dias con Dios simplemente apareciendo, empapandose de la verdad y recordando que no estan solas en su viaje de sanacion.

    A su manera amable y sin pretensiones, Lysa te guia a traves de las paginas de Lo vas a lograr, donde podras:

    *recibiras la verdad biblica y el animo que necesitas cuando las situaciones hirientes te dejan agotada y sin motivacion para pasar tiempo con Dios.

    *escaparas de la soledad de intentar sanar por tu cuenta con la sabiduria de confianza de una maestra de la Biblia y amiga que comprende tu dolor y quiere ayudarte a seguir adelante.

    *tener la seguridad de que, aunque esta temporada dificil forme parte de tu historia, no sera toda tu historia.

    Esta temporada dificil no tiene por que ser una epoca de adormecer el dolor o de seguir por las ramas. Deja que este devocional te ayude a ser intencional y a saber que, aunque sea una epoca dificil, tambien puede ser una epoca santa.

    You’re Going to Make It

    Incorporate a new rhythm for those days when life feels too hard through the daily practice of receiving and releasing–receiving God’s encouragement, instruction, and truth to start you

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  • Love Is The Point


    In Love Is the Point Carlos and Alexa PenaVega take readers on a 100-day journey to recognize the ways that God shows love in their daily lives and discover opportunities to share that love with those around them–because love in action is what life is all about.

    In What If Love Is the Point? Carlos and Alexa PenaVega shared how putting God at the center of their marriage, parenting, and career choices dramatically changed their lives and brought real fulfillment. Now, in Love Is the Point, they’ve created a 100-day devotional that invites readers to join them on the adventure of experiencing God’s love and boldly sharing that love with others.

    Readers will be:

    *inspired by Carlos and Alexa’s stories of how they focus on God and his love in their everyday lives;

    *encouraged to see all of the ways that God shows his love whenever we seek him; and

    *challenged to put God’s love into action through reflection questions, tips for how to love people we don’t automatically connect with, and more.

    A practical and moving follow-up to their first book, this devotional reminds readers that whether they are facing hardships or celebrating happy occasions, they can hear God’s quiet voice that encourages and empowers them to live with hearts full of love. Because love is the point.

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  • From Where I Stand


    You’re invited to trace the footsteps of ordinary women who faced unique challenges, endured extraordinary circumstances, and encountered the living God.

    They are the long-suffering, courageous, flawed and faithful women of the Bible. In this 30 day devotional Bible Study you’ll experience what they did. What they saw and how they felt, from the lushness of the Garden of Eden to the blistering sunshine illuminating Christ’s tomb. Emerge with insights that can be gleaned from their failures, triumphs, patience, and perseverance. Learn, most of all, the character of God who gave them life, remembered them, and place them with a purpose exactly where they were meant to be. Just as he has done for you.

    30 Day Devotional Features:

    *Walk in the footsteps of the women of the bible with a short devotion and Scripture reading.

    *Beautifully illustrated devotional journal with fun Bible journaling art.

    *Let’s review questions for deeper reflection with a personal application with a lesson from the lives of the women of the Bible.

    *Guided journaling prompts and positive affirmations to inspire your daily life.

    *192 page hardcover devotional study, 7″ x 9″

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  • I Thought Id Have It All Figured Out By Now


    A 31-day devotional that invites readers to dig deeper into the truth of who God is. On sunny days, we feel like we know who God is. We tell others about Him. We sing His praises. But when the darkness closes in-and our world gets scarier by the moment-we may start wondering if we really know the truth about Him. That is the place where I Thought I’d Have It All Figured Out by Now: A 31-Day Journey to Rediscovering God meets readers… in the midst of the mind-numbing, the confusing, and the “which-way-is-up” moments in life. It’s often when we get blindsided that we’re invited to experience a greater revelation of God-one that can change us forever. This beautifully illustrated, month-long art devotional will guide readers from fear to awe as they rediscover the true Author of their faith.

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  • I Love You Already


    Every life is a gift. From the moment of conception to anticipated due date, the journey of pregnancy can be equally exciting and terrifying for a new mother. With each week of pregnancy, the little one taking shape in the womb reaches important milestones of development. What better way to celebrate than to offer gratitude to the Creator of life as well as continued requests for protection, health, and blessing?

    This 40-week pregnancy devotional offers a brief fact about each week’s development, an encouraging Scripture, inspiring meditation, prayer for the beautiful life that is forming, and space to record your special memories.

    Kick off your shoes (if you can still untie them), lower yourself into a chair (this may take longer than expected), elevate those swollen feet, and spend some time resting in God’s presence. Let your little one know how very loved they are by you and by the heavenly Father… already.


    *High-grade faux leather provides durability and exquisite tactile appeal.

    *Heat debossing on faux leather darkens its color, giving the cover a two-tone appearance and creating indentation which shows off the intricate design and varied texture.

    *Metallic and matte foil finishing touches are elegantly placed to enhance certain features, capturing attention and adding class for an aesthetic appeal.

    *High-quality sturdy Smyth-sewn binding stitches book signatures together creating durability and allowing pages to lay flat when open. Decorative head and foot bands are also added to further complement the overall design.

    *Matte art high quality paper with a smooth satin touch provides long-lasting vivid coloration and durability.

    *A beautiful satin ribbon marker conveniently keeps your place so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

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  • Bible Adventure Devotions For Kids


    A Fantastically Fun Bible Adventure Devotional for Kids!

    Your kids ages 8 to 12 will delight in this fantastically fun, yet practical, Bible adventure devotional. Every page walks boys and girls through a brief retelling of the story of a Bible character and then simply illustrates how kids can really relate, helping them to understand and apply God’s Word to their own lives. A “Bible Adventure” memory verse is included with each devotional reading. These one hundred devotions and inspiring prayers are the perfect way to encourage your kids to begin or end their day in God’s Word!

    Devotions touch on the stories of:

    *Queen Esther
    *King David
    *And more!

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  • Jesus Always Note Taking Edition


    Experience joy in Sarah Young’s 365-day devotional, Jesus Always. This note-taking version with space to record reflections, list blessings you’re thankful for, or delve more deeply into the devotional message, shares the biblical teaching of joy in the same way Jesus Calling shared the peace of God’s presence.

    Life today is full of difficulties–loss, sadness, fear. In the midst of these challenges, joy often feels impossible or out of reach. But Jesus offers hope and contentment in the midst of pain and uncertainty.

    Jesus Always Note-Taking Edition includes:

    *Written-out Scriptures
    *A beautiful two-color interior and Leathersoft cover
    *365 days of Bible-based devotions
    *Space on each page to write your personal reflections
    *A ribbon marker to hold your place

    Draw near to Him with Jesus Always, and you will discover how to:

    *Intimately and gently connect with Jesus–the One who meets you where you are
    *Identify joy-filled reminders from the Word of God
    *Process challenging situations, anxiety, and loss with a hopeful outlook
    *Strengthen your faith and create a deeper bond with Jesus

    Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you, Jesus Always invites you into a new way of living–a life of joy.

    Whether you gift Jesus Always Note-Taking Edition or pick it up yourself, Sarah Young’s words and her constant return to the Word of God will enrich your devotional life like never before.

    This special edition is sure to be a favorite. The cover has deluxe touches, giving a classic feel, and inside you’ll find written-out Scripture verses and journaling space.

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  • Pray More Fight Less A Couples Devotional


    Navigate difficult conversations together, communicate with kindness and respect, and establish a deeper connection through weekly scripture, prayers, and faith-based exercises.

    Even the healthiest of relationships can be thrown off-balance when there are difficulties in communication and trust. Pray More, Fight Less by Karin Earle, LMFT, brings together scripture and therapeutic practices to help couples find spiritual and practical support while recentering their marriages on God. With weekly devotionals and faith-based therapy exercises, you and your partner will learn techniques for effective communication while strengthening your commitment to your marriage.

    Pray More, Fight Less features:

    Fighting in a relationship is unavoidable. Relatable examples and real-life anecdotes help reframe conflict in your relationship and help you and your spouse reroute unhealthy patterns of thinking, fight less, and recenter your marriage on God during difficult seasons.

    Setting aside time weekly will help you grow in faith together as a couple. Through powerful scripture, you’ll receive guidance on maintaining a God-centered marriage, especially when communication and trust break down. Each devotion offers a prayer for God’s strength, wisdom, and healing.

    Communicate your needs while affirming your partner and understanding that we are all made precious by God, using helpful scripts and skill-building activities and exercises for listening effectively and building true intimacy.

    Author and therapist Karin Earle, LMFT’s, experience and passion provide couples with empathetic advice for spiritual growth and healing.

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  • Youre Going To Make It


    In You’re Going to Make It: 50 Morning and Evening Devotions to Unrush Your Mind, Uncomplicate Your Heart, and Experience Healing Today, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst helps you incorporate a new rhythm for those days when life feels too hard. The daily practice of receiving and releasing–receiving God’s encouragement, instruction, and truth to start your day and releasing to God all that’s weighing you down at the end of each day–sets you on a path toward healing.

    With 50 days of morning and evening devotions and beautiful color photography of significant locations where Lysa has worked through her own healing, You’re Going to Make It will help you stay connected to God and continue loving others even in the middle of discouraging, disappointing, or even devastating circumstances. Each devotion contains:

    *a Bible verse to start your day
    *a statement of truth to remember throughout your day
    *space to write and release something back to God at the end of your day
    *a prayer to receive before you go to sleep to better prepare for tomorrow

    Without these crucial components woven into the routine of our harder seasons, connecting with the Lord can very quickly begin to feel overwhelming and like just another item on our to-do lists. Lysa understands this struggle and wants to create a sacred space where women can bookend their days with God by simply showing up, soaking in truth, and being reminded they’re not alone on their healing journey.

    In her gentle, unassuming way, Lysa walks you through the pages of You’re Going to Make It, where you will:

    *receive the biblical truth and encouragement you need when hurtful situations leave you worn out and unmotivated to spend time with God.

    *escape the loneliness of trying to heal on your own with trusted wisdom from a Bible teacher and friend who understands your pain and wants to help you move forward.

    *be reassured that though this difficult season is part of your story, it will not be your whole story.

    This difficult season doesn’t have to be a time of numbing the pain or going through the motions. Let this devotional help you get intentional and know that, though this may be a hard time, it can also be a holy time.

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  • 100 Devotions For The Single Mom


    Are you a single mom? You are a superhero doing everyone’s job and then some. You need a devotional that understands what you’re experiencing, affirms your value and points you to God’s Word for wisdom and strength.

    100 Devotions for the Single Mom invites you on a journey that brings you peace and deepens your faith while speaking to relevant topics such as raising children, self-care, empathy, sympathy, balance, maintaining hope, and getting rest. Inside this beautiful devotional you’ll find:

    *100 Bible-based devotions
    *Colorfully-designed interiors
    *A presentation page offering space to write a personal note for gifting

    Each day includes:
    *A relevant Bible verse
    *Inspirational devotion
    *A personalized prayer
    *Journaling lines to express your thoughts

    This 100-day devotional will remind single moms that they’re loved by their friends, family and most importantly God. The devotional makes an encouraging gift for family, friends or yourself, perfect for Mother’s Day, the holidays, or as a just because gift.Check out the other mom-inspired devotionals in the collection–100 Devotions for the Working Mom and 100 Devotions for the Stay-at-Home Mom.

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  • Single And Not Sorry


    A 90-day devotional that reminds you that your value in Christ is independent of your relationship status.

    Opinions about single life – especially Christian single life – are plentiful and wide-ranging. In a social world that idolizes romantic relationships, single people can easily feel incomplete or less-than. Single and Not Sorry: 90 Devotions of Real Encouragement for Right Now provides readers with inspiration from God’s Word about living according to God’s trustworthy purpose and plan regardless of their relationship status. Our true value is found in Christ alone – and through this book, readers will be able to confidently appreciate and enjoy exactly where they are in life.

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  • Seeing Beautiful Again Custom Edition


    In the middle of the pain you didn’t cause, the change you didn’t want, the reality you didn’t know was coming . . . your life can still be beautiful. We all have stories full of sorrow and celebration because of situations we’ve faced. But with God, there’s always more than we see being worked out behind the scenes. In Seeing Beautiful Again, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst shares how she processed seasons of disappointment and heartbreak, while inviting you to hope again.

    Lysa assures us that the aching pain we feel is proof there’s a beautiful remaking already in process if we don’t give up. Through these 50 devotions, Scriptures, prayer prompts, and personal notes from Lysa, you will:

    *Gain healthier ways to process your pain and learn to see your situations through truth-based perspectives.

    *Disempower the lie that how you feel about your life is the full story by remembering with God there’s always something more true, lovely, and good right now.

    *Stop feeling alone in your struggles by spending guided time with God each day alongside Lysa, a friend who will bear witness to your hurts but also help you move on.

    While there’s no denying there are parts of our story we’d love to edit out, what if those circumstances are the unlikely ingredients God is using to weave together a greater good we’d never want to miss out on? Together we’ll discover the indescribable gift of our God, who breathes life into even the shattered pieces of our stories, creating something new and more beautiful than ever before.

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  • Pocket Bible Devotional For Guys


    Ignite a love for God’s Word in your son’s heart when you give the Brown Camo Faux Leather Pocket Devotional for Guys as an edifying birthday or Christmas gift.

    A dark taupe and stone brown camouflage pattern accented with heat-debossed hexagons and circles fills the front and back faux leather covers of the devotional. The title is placed within a brown bracket with a heat-debossed frame and is foiled in pewter.

    The Pocket Devotional for Guys

    Each of the 366 daily readings offers a collection of key Scripture verses that focus on relevant topics ranging from the assurance of salvation to living a zealous life for God. A fun reflection to put each day’s reading into context follows and encourages spiritual growth. This edition also includes a thematic index -a convenient quick-reference and helpful crisis Scripture guide.

    The interior pages are printed in charcoal gray, and a green satin ribbon marker that matches the green endsheets is included to log your progress through the devotional. Gilded page edges add an understated shimmer to the design.

    Author Johan Smith is an author, pastor, and speaker who ministers to a wide range of people, including youth, parents, men, and women. He has authored more than 30 books and manages a not-for-profit that focuses on ministering to youth, pastors, principals, teachers, and parents.

    Start each day by reading a selection of Bible verses and their practical application before running to school or hanging out with family and friends. The convenient size of the pocket Bible allows it to travel in a backpack, and since you can reach it easily, you can share the good news with friends for encouragement and guidance.

    Cultivate your son’s heart from an early age when you encourage him to read from the pocket Bible devotional. Add the Brown Camo Faux Leather Pocket Devotional for Guys to the stocking stuffers of all your grandchildren, or wrap a copy as a birthday present for your son.

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  • Pocket Bible Devotional For Girls


    The Purple Faux Leather Pocket Devotional for Girls is a unique devotional that will instill a love for God’s powerful Word in any girl’s heart.

    Large heat-debossed flowers accented with lilac fill the back cover of the purple faux leather devotional for girls and wrap around the spine to meet the title on the front cover. The title is gold-foiled and presented in a multi-font design.

    The Pocket Devotional for Girls.

    Each of the 366 daily readings offers a collection of key Scripture verses that focus on relevant topics ranging from the assurance of salvation to living a zealous life for God. A fun reflection to put each day’s reading into context follows and encourages spiritual growth. This edition also includes a thematic index -a convenient quick-reference and helpful crisis Scripture guide.

    The interior pages are printed in purple, and a lilac satin ribbon marker is included to mark a page for easy access. Gilded page edges add a pretty shimmer to the cover design.

    Author Johan Smith is an author, pastor, and speaker who ministers to a wide range of people, including youth, parents, men, and women. He has authored more than 30 books and manages a not-for-profit that focuses on ministering to youth, pastors, principals, teachers, and parents.

    Start each day by reading a selection of Bible verses and their practical application before running to school or hanging out with family and friends. The convenient size of the pocket Bible allows it to travel in a purse or backpack, and since you can reach it easily, you can share the good news with friends for encouragement and guidance.

    Encourage a daughter or granddaughter to grow in her faith with a fresh take on reading the Bible when you give the Purple Faux Leather Pocket Devotional for Girls as a birthday, Christmas, or back-to-school gift.

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  • Find Peace : A 40-day Devotional Journey For Moms


    The Find Peace Purple Faux Leather Devotional by author Shaunti Feldhahn is a devotional for moms. In this 40-day devotional book, mothers will discover a biblical approach to becoming a woman of serenity that delights in all seasons of life.

    Big bouquets of oversized florals are heat-debossed on the corners of the purple faux leather cover and spill over onto the back cover. A gold-foiled frame accented with a heat-debossed shadow frame connects the bouquets and frames the scene. The title is presented in gold-foiled lettering, and the subtitle is set below it in a heat-debossed font.

    Find Peace
    A 40-day devotional journey for moms

    A presentation page at the front of the devotional book allows you to personalize it. A white satin ribbon marker is included to mark your page, and gilt-edging protects the page edges from dust and moisture. Purple topstitching along the rounded corners and edges of the devotional reinforces the construction. The interior pages are printed in full-color pastel florals that float across the pages. A foreword is written by Ashley Willis, followed by a personal note from the author in which she explains the reason for writing the book: the seven elements of finding peace.

    It doesn’t matter if our children are infants, adults, or somewhere in between: in the Find Peace for Moms Purple Faux Leather Devotional, you will discover the biblical direction to become a woman of serenity and delight in all seasons and impact generations to come.

    Author Shaunti Feldhahn is a popular speaker, best-selling author, and groundbreaking social researcher. Her findings have been featured in media as diverse as Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, the New York Times, and Cosmo. With a master’s degree from Harvard University, Shaunti has worked on Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Now she applies her analytical skills to illuminating surprising truths about relationships.

    The Find Peace for Moms Purple Faux Leather Devotional is an obvious choice for the stressed-out mothers in your family and an excellent way for a mentor to encourage a young mom. The Find Peace for Moms Purple Faux Leather Devotional will foster peace and a reliance on God in tough times.

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  • Wild About You


    Are you looking to reignite the spark in your relationship? Hoping to deepen your relationship with your spouse and with God? Join beloved bestselling authors John and Stasi Eldredge as they guide you through Wild About You, 60 days of uplifting devotions that will lead you to a life of passion, freedom, and adventure, all while strengthening your hearts for each other.

    Wild About You gracefully blends timely Scripture readings, devotions inspired by Captivating and Wild at Heart, and heartfelt prayers designed to draw couples closer together and help them discover who God created them to be.

    No matter what season of life and love you and your spouse are currently walking through, Wild About You has something for every couple. With a deep understanding of the hearts of men and women, John and Stasi are here to support you with their practical and loving advice.

    Throughout the 60 days of thoughtful, encouraging devotions in Wild About You:

    Men will:

    *Recover their masculine heart by better understanding what makes them come alive
    *See themselves in the image of an intentional God
    *Delight in their deeply spiritual longing–the strength and wildness that all men were created to experience

    Women will:

    *Discover that their heart matters more than anything in all of creation
    *Catch a glimpse of the beautiful life God has in store for them
    *Understand that there is hope and that they can be restored and healed of any pain in their past

    Couples will:

    *Get to know one another better than ever before
    *Strengthen their faith together, one step at a time
    *Rediscover their love and passion for each other

    Learn firsthand why Wild About You is the go-to devotional resource for couples who want to get (and stay!) wild about each other. Let your journey to hope and healing begin today.

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  • Jesus Listens Note Taking Edition


    When your days feel overwhelming and your life is anxious and stressed, you can find peace and hope in Jesus. In Jesus Listens Note-Taking Edition by Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling, you’ll find a 365-day devotional prayer book with Scripture and space on each day to write your thoughts and prayers. Each entry helps you find confidence to come to God in all circumstances with short, heartfelt prayers based on Scripture.

    God desires a relationship with you through continual conversation–prayer. Jesus Listens Note-Taking Edition can serve as your prayer journal, empowering you to pray daily, whether it’s your only prayer for the day or simply a jump-starter to your own prayers.

    Jesus Listens is ideal for those who:

    *Are going through difficult times and looking for rest and hope
    *Are busy with life’s demands, but want to grow their prayer life
    *Are not sure how to pray
    *Have been praying for years but want a closer relationship with God

    The biblical basis for each prayer in Jesus Listens is given at the end of each entry so you can continually return to God’s promises in Scripture. Jesus Listens Note-Taking Edition includes:

    *Space on each page to record your personal reflections and prayer lists
    *365 days of Bible-based prayers
    *Scripture references with emphasis on words quoted directly from the Bible
    *A beautifully designed interior
    *A ribbon marker to hold your place

    Whether you gift Jesus Listens Note-Taking Edition or pick it up yourself to establish a more consistent prayer practice, this devotional journal will greatly enrich your prayer. By praying Scripture through this daily devotional prayer book, you’ll experience how intentional prayer connects you to God, changes your heart, and can even move mountains.

    This special edition is sure to be a favorite. The cover has a striking, contemporary yet classic design, along with written-out Scripture verses, and journaling space on every page.

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  • Jesus Escucha – (Spanish)


    Muchos de nosotros queremos orar mas, pero no estamos seguros de que decir. En este inspirador libro de oraciones devocionales de 365 dias, Jesus escucha, Sarah Young, autora del best seller del New York Times, Jesus te llama, te ayuda a acercarte a Dios en todas las circunstancias a traves de un ao de oraciones diarias basadas en las Escrituras.

    Al orar las Escrituras a traves de este libro de oraciones devocionales diarias, experimentaras como la oracion intencional te conecta con Dios, cambia tu corazon e incluso mueve montaas. En este libro de oraciones diarias, Sarah Young ofrece oraciones honestas para los lectores que:

    *han estado orando durante aos pero anhelan renovar la comprension biblica

    *quieren orar las promesas de Dios directamente de las Escrituras

    *estan pasando por tiempos dificiles, son nuevos en la fe y no estan seguros de como comenzar a orar

    *han encontrado descanso espiritual en Jesus te llama y Jesus siempre

    *estan ansiosos por comenzar una nueva disciplina espiritual significativa

    La base biblica de cada oracion en Jesus escucha se da al final de cada entrada para que puedan volver continuamente a las promesas de Dios en las Escrituras. Este devocional incluye:

    *un hermoso interior de un color
    *365 dias de oraciones basadas en la Biblia
    *referencias de las Escrituras con enfasis en palabras citadas directamente de la Biblia

    Ya sea que Jesus escucha sea para regalar o para ti, para establecer una practica de oracion mas consistente, las palabras de Sarah Young y su constante retorno a la Palabra de Dios enriqueceran tu vida de oracion como nunca.

    Jesus Listens

    Many of us want to pray more, but we feel unsure of what to say. In this inspiring 365-day devotional prayer book, Jesus Listens, Sarah Young, author of the New York Times bestselling Jesus Calling, helps you come to God in all circumstances through a year of daily prayers based on the words of Scripture.

    By praying Scripture through Jesus Listens, you’ll experience how intentional prayer connects you to God, changes your heart, and can even move mountains. In this daily devotional prayer book, Sarah Young offers honest prayers for readers who . . .

    *have been praying for years but long for renewed biblical insights
    *want to pray God’s promises straight from Scripture
    *are going through difficult times, are new to faith, and are not sure how to begin in prayer
    *have found spiritual rest in Jesus Calling and Jesus Always
    *are eager

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  • I Hear His Whisper


    Encounter God’s heart and hear his gentle voice.

    God delights in hearing from us. He listens to our songs and sighs, and he answers us with words of love and truth.

    This daily devotional contains whispers from God to the heart of his people. Each entry will encourage you with his words of comfort, joy, and unconditional love.

    Lean into God’s presence and enjoy his peace today.

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  • Resilient Hope : 100 Devotions For Building Endurance In An Unpredictable W


    Discover a life of resilient hope and develop the endurance you need to keep moving forward in life–one mountain at a time–through this 100-day devotional journey from bestselling author, speaker, and activist Christine Caine.

    Christine learned from the joys and setbacks of hiking California’s mountains that endurance is key to finishing any difficult climb. Drawing on life lessons from those mountain trails, Christine offers Resilient Hope for times when . . .

    *You’ve had one disappointment after another

    *Life isn’t turning out like you expected

    *You need encouragement to keep moving forward despite the fatigue, stress, or pressure you face

    *You want to stay focused on God and his purpose for your life

    *You are looking for the courage to do what seems impossible

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  • More Grandmothers Prayers


    More Grandmother’s Prayers the follow up book to the original A Grandmother’s Prayers from grandmother and pastoral counselor Kay Swatkowski. This involved grandma invites you to pray for your grandchildren and gives you practical ways to encourage their faith through these 60 devotions. You’ll read inspiring stories, find Scripture-based prayer prompts, and discover new and fun ways to connect with your grandchildren in person or from afar.

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  • You Make A Difference 50 Devos For Teachers


    A perfect gift for any teacher, this book will encourage educators as they work to accomplish one of the hardest, most meaningful jobs that exists. Great teachers spend endless hours helping students achieve both academically, emotionally, and socially. Their reward? Seeing faces light up with comprehension for the first time, a few graduation invitations, and the knowledge that they made a positive difference in the life of a child.

    Through uplifting devotions, Scriptures, and prayers, teachers will be reminded of God’s love and care for them. They are never alone-they are making a difference, students will remember them for years to come, and most importantly, this world’s future is better because they are investing in it.

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  • Adulting Aint Easy


    A perfect graduation gift, Adulting Ain’t Easy offers tips, tricks, how-to lists, fun stories, and sound wisdom to those entering this new life stage.

    Adulting Ain’t Easy serves up lighthearted wisdom, addressing real-life topics such as rejection, trusting God’s plan, loneliness, how to handle change, and so many more that come with living as a 20-something. This book will help those entering adulthood to use their newfound freedom to become the best versions of themselves.

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