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9 Lives And Counting


In his riveting follow-up to two ‘New York Times’ bestsellers, bounty hunter and reality television star Duane “Dog” Chapman reveals the story of how God redeemed his life and gave him renewed purpose–and along the way recounts the adventures and exploits that have made him a legend.

After everything he had been through including escaping a Mexican prison, surviving the brutal world of bounty hunting with over 10,000 captures, and the ups and downs of being a TV star, Dog was unprepared for the despair he found himself in after his wife’s death–and surprised by the miraculous events that would follow. “Everybody experiences loss,” says Dog. “But the loss I felt after Beth’s passing was especially hard because I was believing for a miracle. When the miracle didn’t happen as I expected, I wrestled with the Lord. Little did I know He wasn’t done with me yet.”

In one of his darkest moments, Dog found himself on a new journey of healing and redemption. Not only did he come to see God’s hand in his life–from the prayers of a faithful mother when he was a child, to the way God guided his steps and protected him throughout his dangerous career–but he also found love and renewed purpose through a divine appointment. Now Dog has launched a ministry with his wife Francie, whom he married in 2021, and speaks and preaches all over the country with the purpose of introducing others to Jesus, using their miraculous story as proof that God is alive and working in the world.?

Readers will:

*be encouraged and inspired by Dog’s stories of hope and healing even in the face of grief, loss, and brokenness;

*gain the behind-the-scenes insights into the real life of the world’s most successful bounty hunter; and

*see the power of faith and prayer to change lives and reveal each person’s unique, God-given purpose.

For lifelong fans and those meeting Dog for the first time, ?Nine Lives and Counting?is a powerful memoir that reveals a whole new side of a bounty hunter who is living proof that God loves each of his children, has a good purpose and plan for them, and will never stop tracking them down until they come home.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400239276
ISBN10: 1400239273
Duane Chapman
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: April 2023
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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