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Give Thanks Gratitude Jar With Cards


Savor the goodness of the LORD when you record your daily blessings and store them in the Give Thanks Pink Ranunculus Glass Gratitude Jar this year!

The clear glass gratitude jar is decorated with a row of flowering ranunculus blooms in shades of pink and blue that wraps around its base. The sentiment is set atop the hedge of flowers and is presented in a soft blue color.

In all things give thanks 1 Thessalonians 5:18

A card pack holding 365 cards is included in the purchase. The cards are decorated with soft watercolored ranunculus blooms set against blue, pink, green, and purple pastel backgrounds. Each card features one of 12 verses that pertain to gratitude on the front and a lined back, decorated with a watermarked ranunculus design. Record your prayers, blessings, and gratitude on the cards and store them in the jar until you reach a special day, like an anniversary or New Year, to remind yourself how faithful and good the LORD has been to you. The tightfitting natural wood lid with its silicone seal and natural fiber loop will keep your cards safe against dust and moisture. Refill card packs are available, so you can start the process again after reading through all your cards.

To keep the jar in tip-top shape, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth when needed.

Teach your students mindfulness when you start a gratitude tradition in your classroom or Sunday school classroom with the Give Thanks Pink Ranunculus Glass Gratitude Jar.

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