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Hard Is Not The Same Thing As Bad


Bestselling author Abbie Halberstadt helps parents see how God can use the everyday trial s of child raising to radically transform how they view hardship and grow them to become more like Jesus.

“Why me, Lord?”

Amid the toddler tantrums, the mealtime melees, and the backseat blowups, have you found yourself asking God that same question? Maybe even screaming it into a couch pillow? You’re not alone.

Your most trying moments as a parent can quickly spiral into discouragement, hopelessness, and sometimes even resentment toward God or your family–partly because our culture has conditioned us to believe that anything this hard can’t possibly be good for us.

Abbie Halberstadt, author of the bestselling M Is for Mama, shares scriptural wisdom and lessons learned from her own challenges as a mama of ten to help shift your perspective on the hardships of parenting and of life, in general.

When you begin to see struggles as a necessary part of God’s plan for your spiritual growth, you can discover supernatural peace and purpose, even when you’re down in the deepest trenches of parenthood.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780736986755
ISBN10: 0736986758
Abbie Halberstadt | Illustrator: Lindsay Long
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: September 2023
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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