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Irresistible : Reclaiming The New That Jesus Unleashed For The World


A book for anyone who cares deeply about the future of the church.

Once upon a time there was a version of our faith that was practically . . . irresistible. But that was then. Today we preach, teach, write, and communicate as if nothing has changed. As if “The Bible says it,” still settles it.

It’s time to hit pause on much of what we’re doing and consider the faith modeled by our first-century brothers and sisters who had no official Bible, no status, and humanly speaking, little chance of survival.

What did they know that we don’t?

What made their faith so compelling, so defensible, so irresistible?

Buckle up . . . you’re about to find out. More importantly, Andy will invite you to embrace the version of faith that, against all odds, initiated a chain of events resulting in the most significant and extensive cultural transformation the world has ever seen. A version we must embrace if we are to be salt and light in an increasingly savorless and dark world.

This expanded, softcover edition includes a helpful Q&A where Andy answers several common–and controversial–questions including:
*What is the role of Scripture in the Christian life?
*How should we use the Old Testament in discipleship?
*How do you avoid “burying the lead” in evangelism?
*What are the differences between the Old and New Covenants?
*Why should we make love the focus of our faith?

Andy also shares thoughts on how to make the New Covenant the basis of your preaching and some ideas on how to begin in sharing your faith with others. This bonus material is a helpful complement to the message of Irresistible and useful in conversations and discussions about the book.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310114062
ISBN10: 0310114063
Andy Stanley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2020
Publisher: Zondervan


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