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Now And Not Yet


Bestselling author Ruth Chou Simons guides readers who are restless in their current circumstances on a journey of growth, purpose, and pressing in.

Too often, we feel disappointed with our “right now”–our life circumstances, our relationships, our progress, our daily grind. We want to do so many things–good, godly things–but our situations don’t allow us to step into them. Are we missing out on our own lives? Why does right now seem so far from where we really long to be?

Bestselling author Ruth Chou Simons reminds us that it’s okay to not like the right now we’ve been given, but we don’t have to like it to lean in. In Now and Not Yet, Ruth shows us how to.. .

*embrace the biblical truth that someday is made up of thousands of right nows;

*discern how the difficult parts of our lives are actually a unique gift by discovering five ways to flip the script on a hard season;

*stop feeling trapped when we are not where we want to be with guided liturgies for what we are facing today; and

*live faithfully in the tension between what is and what is not yet.

Your right now matters. And you can choose to press in and not check out. To know God is at work even when you don’t see the progress you’re looking for. To start where you are in this very moment. Because he’s not through with you yet.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400225057
ISBN10: 1400225051
Ruth Simons
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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