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Reshape Your Life


It is never too late to reshape an area of your life that is no longer serving you! And, with the new book by Ali Landry, Reshape Your Life, you will learn how making small, intentional changes to your current life can transform it into a masterpiece.

The truth is, when it comes to your health, your mind, your soul, and your heart, you should not settle for what isn’t working. After all, you only have one life to life, and you are worthy of making it the best one possible.

After years working in Hollywood on TV and movie sets, starring in iconic Doritos commercials, and gracing the covers of various magazines, Ali landed her dream job as a talk-show host on a popular network. However, after only a few weeks on the job, she began feeling out of sorts. Exhaustion, brain fog, thinning hair, slow digestion, and sleep issues took over. Instead of excusing the chronic discomfort as aging, Ali decided to take back her life. Through research, prayer, interviews, and product-testing, she made dramatic lifestyle changes, creating a new brand called RE/SHAPE along the way, to show other women how to live to their fullest in mind, health, beauty, and soul, and remind them that it is never too late to rewrite your story.

In Reshape Your Life you’ll find:

*inspiration from Ali’s vulnerable narrative describing the challenges and hard lessons she faced on her journey to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual renewal;

*tips on how you can change the trajectory of your life and reclaim confidence, purpose, and wholeness;

*research-based strategies for your health, skincare, diet, sleeping habits, and more;

*advice that will nourish your faith, refocus your mindset, and align your heart, soul, health, and beauty with your core value; and

*practical information on goal setting.

While it’s hard work, it’s necessary work, and Reshape Your Life, from actress, model, and 1996’s Miss USA Ali Landry, will guide your journey to reignite the fulfillment that’s missing in your life. If you are ready to reclaim your dreams and fire for life, Reshape Your Life is the book for you. Start today because you are worth it!

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400235100
ISBN10: 1400235103
Ali Landry
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: March 2023
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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